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SMSF Property

Self Managed Superannuation Funds… The market segment that will hopefully not be the precursor for a real estate change.

SMSF Residential Property Valuations

For those baby boomers nearing the end of their working days or those parties that are planning for that retirement period in future years…be careful. The acquisition that you entered into already may be one of the worst financial decisions you have made or perhaps you may have created an untenable retirement period already for the future years ahead.

Let’s face it, the real estate market specific to Metropolitan Melbourne has witnessed a sustainable increase in levels of value unparalleled for many years. More so since the Global Financial Crisis (GFC). The dollar quantum increases in value in fact, is outstanding and no one in their right mind could argue that those parties that have already prudently acquired real estate over the years will benefit when retirement arrives.

SMSF Direct Property and What You Should Do

The first thing you should do when SMSF Direct Property is concerned is obtain the best professional real estate advice possible. Thereafter, make sure you get the best possible real estate advice. It’s not a typo; it’s the simple truth. If I had to report to someone today as to where most property sprukiers are hiding, it would be within the SMSF Direct Property area. The simple and obvious numbers are at least 1-2 in 10 Contracts of Sale either residential or commercial and in someway, are SMSF Direct Property transactions.

Lets face it, where there is a way to make an easy dollar in real estate, most sprukiers will be into that sector as soon as possible and no fanfare is required. Not only that, but when financial planners, developers, real estate agents and bankers know that this is a buoyant market, their attention is also sharpened.