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Buyers Advocates

Benefits of Using A Buyers Advocates Especially With A Property Valuation Background

Undoubtedly, the number one question that is asked of me is why do you still undertake property valuations and why has your property valuation service maintained its momentum in this environment when there is so much information for consumers on the Internet?

The simple and logical answer is that our property valuation services have been offered to the market place since 1996, when the company commenced operations.

Our property valuation services primarily were offered to a traditional client base of major and secondary institutional clients, inclusive of ANZ Bank, Westpac, Bank West, St. George Bank, Bank of Melbourne, Macquarie Bank, Bendigo Bank and many, many more, as well as the likes of Aussie Home Loans, RAMS, ING, etc.

Buyers Advocacy to Assist You in Property Purchase

Real estate property is probably the most expensive thing that you ever buy and sometimes, the hardest decision too. Purchasing real estate may be a scary process for many, especially when doing it for the first time.  FVG Property is a top real estate property valuations and consulting firm in Melbourne. We provide some of the best buyer advocates Melbourne to assist you throughout the process of buying a property. Help is at hand for a quicker, easier, and successful path to a profitable real estate purchase.