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Are you lacking the time, expertise or confidence in others in the Property industry?

FVG Property has the total property solution. We are professional, qualified, trusted property advisors and property advocates. Having highly qualified buyers advocates and proven experts on your side during the negotiation and the acquisition process could not be more important in a diverse market like Melbourne. Buying a property is challenging task and the help of an advisor is always appreciated. Wouldn’t it be great if advice came from an expert who knows everything about real estate market in Melbourne? Of course! Help from an expert professional is the great way to make decisions easier and faster.

Get buyers advocacy services in Melbourne from a trusted and qualified name – FVG Property. With a team of individuals licensed to work as residential property experts, FVG Property ensures its buyers advocacy services meet client expectations. Buyers advocates in Melbourne work closely with buyers and help them choose and identify a property they would like to purchase. They also work with clients to develop and implement price strategy so that buyers can get the best property deal.

Mark and his team of Buyers Advocates in Melbourne have built a business around catering and fulfilling the high expectations of their clients.

Contact FVG Property for a free consultation

Contact us for a free consultation

Mark Ruttner, owner of FVG Property, has built a successful business based on “reputation of trust” and “professional advice”. With many years of experience he works closely with buyers looking to acquire both residential and commercial real estate within the Melbourne property market. With high professional qualifications inclusive of Fellow of the Australia Property Institute, Certified Practising Valuer, Licensed Estate Agent and Associate of the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors and data centric mentality and analysis, Mark’s approach to servicing buyers focuses on utilising the latest data. In most cases, Mark bases his findings on live data analysis.

Mark’s true value as a buyers advocate becomes very clear and evident once a target property has been chosen, identified and a price strategy developed and implemented. FVG Property as Licensed Estate Agents and Certified Property Valuers are your total property solution. Our analysis suggests that when purchasing property, the greatest reason for having a professional assist, is “FEAR” and then ….. “Am I paying too much for the property?” or “I paid too much…. what am I going to do?”

Dealing with property can be an emotional process, especially with residential transactions. Sometimes just having an expert on call to guide you, we help our clients make smart decisions on property-Daily!

We understand the complexity of real estate and are active in managing property/assets portfolios.


We do all the legwork for you. We define your requirements, we search, source, present and acquire property. We analyse, value under the Australian Property Institute Valuation Guidelines, check and negotiate and/or bid on your behalf. Our service includes and is not limited to the following:

  • Principle’s Personal Involvement
  • Determine Clear and Concise Brief
  • Conduct Due Diligence
  • Source Properties Inclusive of Any “Off Market” Possible Transactions
  • Analyse and Value Selected Property
  • Analyse of Comparable Sales
  • Analyse of Comparable Rentals
  • Discuss and Arrange Viewings
  • Select Property
  • Check Total Process
  • Negotiate/Bid
  • Acquire Successful Outcome

Why use FVG Property?

Market Knowledge

Today’s market is volatile, complex and speedily changing and as such, poses a variety of questions that need to be professionally answered. We provide professional and up to date market knowledge, analysis and reasoning that will solve all those confusing aspects.

Tailor Made Service

As experts, we will provide you with a tailor made service to establish what the current market value of a property is.

Buying Opportunities

We are aware of properties yet to emerge on the open market, allowing buying opportunities that may have not yet been released to the public.

Right Property

Look at our credentials. We will find the right property for you and tick all the boxes.

Our Branding

Our experience shows that our branding affords us to be taken more seriously by both real estate agents and vendors alike.

Live Capture of Data

Daily live capture of data allows our clients to make confident and informed decisions.


We take the emotional aspect out of the transaction.

Buyers Advocacy

Utilising our buyers advocacy service will help speed up the transaction process.

What is our unique point of difference?



FVG Property has the qualifications and professionalism rarely found in other entities.
Buyers Advocate

Buyers Advocate

FVG Property as your buyers advocate provides a clear, professional and qualified approach.
Live Data

Live Data

Recommendation is based on “live data”, utilising professionally accepted methods of determining value.


Flat fee not a commission based scenario rather, the higher the purchase price, the higher the commission – Buyers agent.

Important questions to consider when choosing buyer’s agent?

Buyers advocates need a clear and finite skill set to recommend. Many estate agents find this task difficult mainly due to a financial interest, namely commission!

  • Was the party that you are dealing formerly a vendors’ estate agent and now a buyer’s agent?
    Was the party that you are dealing formerly a vendors’ estate agent and now a buyer’s agent?
  • Why is this valuer recommending a property?
    Why is this valuer recommending a property?
  • Were they previously vendor’s estate agents and now buyer’s agent?
    Were they previously vendor’s estate agents and now buyer’s agent?
  • Could it be that it is the same process but a different side of line?
    Could it be that it is the same process but a different side of line?
  • Are they commission driven?
    Are they commission driven?
  • Could it be that it is the same process on a different side of the line.
    Could it be that it is the same process on a different side of the line.