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Tips from a Valuer in Rental Determinations

Tips from a Valuer in Rental Determinations

The following discussion provides the main areas of a rent review process:

As a Commercial Property Valuer of some twenty-five (25) years plus, more particularly, a Specialist Retail Valuer, the Commercial Property Determination process, depending of where the parties involved are in relation to experience, can be very daunting. The role and process may be considered as a snapshot as to the main points to consider:

Advantage of Having a Buyer’s Agent/Valuer

As one of Melbourne Buyers Advocacy groups, the question is asked by our clients: how come and what are the benefits of being both a Licensed real estate agent acting as a buyers agent and a Certified Practising Valuer. Simply, we cover off an all bases as a buyers’ advocacy group.

Using a buyers’ agent to purchase real estate is becoming more widespread throughout Australia as investors and home buyers have come to appreciate the benefits they provide.