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Online Property Valuation

Online Property Valuation Melbourne

FVG Property is one of the leading property valuers in Melbourne. We offer a range of real estate consultation and advisory services for different types of properties. Regardless if it is a residential, commercial, retail or industrial property valuation, a brief overview of what issues and factors are taken into consideration when valuing your property.

Valuations may be used for a variety of purposes from determining the value of your residential home, offered to secure a home loan, or when you buy or sell a property. In most instances, regardless of the purposes, a licensed and Certified Practising Valuer will be used to complete a valuation.

In essence, the property valuation process includes an inspection of the property and a written report under the Australian Property Institute guidelines.

The value within the completed Property Valuation Will Take Into Account such factors as:

  • Location
  • Standard of Finish
  • Standard of Layout and Presentation
  • Building Structure
  • Access
  • Yield
  • Building Design
  • Amenity
  • Rental
  • Condition
  • Local Zoning Requirements
  • Analysis/Value

With online property valuations, it has become very quick and easy to get residential or commercial property valuation. To obtain a valuation in Melbourne, just contact FVG Property.

Complete Property Valuation

FVG property will also refer to recent comparable sales and make necessary allowances to arrive at the value and complete the property valuation. Property Valuations are legal documents and should not be confused with Real Estate Agent appraisals. FVG Property bases their assessment of value on specific market evidence using sales analysis, methodology and valuation rationale. A FVG Property valuation is a working document that each and every person involved in a property transaction should obtain. A property valuation is not an exact science and a valuer must have the experience, knowledge, up to date data and importantly be cognizant with the market segment of valuation. All our valuers have at least 10 years of working experience.

Complete Online Property Valuation Melbourne