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The first thing you should do when SMSF Direct Property is concerned is obtain the best professional real estate advice possible. Thereafter, make sure you get the best possible real estate advice. It’s not a typo; it’s the simple truth. If I had to report to someone today as to where most property sprukiers are hiding, it would be within the SMSF Direct Property area. The simple and obvious numbers are at least 1-2 in 10 Contracts of Sale either residential or commercial and in someway, are SMSF Direct Property transactions.

Lets face it, where there is a way to make an easy dollar in real estate, most sprukiers will be into that sector as soon as possible and no fanfare is required. Not only that, but when financial planners, developers, real estate agents and bankers know that this is a buoyant market, their attention is also sharpened.

Simply, this has, is and will be the market of choice – SMSF Direct Property.

I will provide a number of blogs on this issue over the coming period, from the simple question of real estate as a viable investment within your SMSF as Direct Property, and is SMSF Direct Property the most satisfactory type of investment rather than a stand alone real estate investment.

Importantly, I will discuss my view on the imperative necessity to obtain professional advice, rather than a property participant doing a ‘sales’ spiel on you.

Interestingly enough, the number of transactions we see, do not have any information or thought process from financial planners.

So, a further blog discussion will be SMSF Direct Property and your financial planner.

We will discuss SMSG Direct Property and your property valuation. This may be one way of achieving your initial financial stress test, prior to you actually buying in a legal sense.

Other matters that we will discuss is why your SMSF Direct Property acquisitions, should be managed properly from beginning to end.

SMSF Direct Property should include the following criteria base in any and all property transactions :- 1. Selection of property advisor 2. Property type market segment 3. Selection of property type, price point 4. Confirmation from financial planner 5. SMSF Direct Property legal structure 6. SMSF Direct Property – bank pre-approval 7. SMSF Direct Property – property criteria 8. Selection of property 9. Final recommendations 10. Offer and acceptance 11. Acquisition 12. Property Management 13. Quarterly/six monthly SMSF Direct Property review 14. Annual six monthly/twelve month Property Valuation 15. Annual twelve monthly SMSF Direct Property review and recommendations from a property advisor.

In essence, a SMSF Direct Property transaction should be closely administered by a property advisor throughout and ongoing.

The bottom line with any SMSF, regardless of equities, cash or SMSF Direct Property, the need to be constantly reviewing your portfolio will ensure the current, ongoing and future success of your SMSF Direct Property transactions.

Keep abreast of all SMSF Direct Property via your property advisor at FVG Property, Certified Practising Valuers and Licensed Real Estate Agents.

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