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Apartment Valuations Services Melbourne

Apartment Valuations Services Melbourne

Apartment Valuations is a specialised division of FVG Property. We have commenced this division to provide specialist valuation and advisory within the apartment market and to become the premier entity within Apartment Valuations Melbourne.

Why the Need for Apartment Valuations Melbourne?

Apartments in Melbourne have grown exponentially with many varied designs, number, proposals and within varying traditional and non-traditional localities. From inner city to newly established residential locations, the need arises. Before the inception of Apartment Valuations, most parties just instructed any valuer, now due to the formation of Apartment Valuations, the parties can be assured of expert opinion and advice (see apartmentvaluations.com.au).

There is no other valuation entity taking a specialist stance within the retail valuation sector of the property industry.

Pre Purchase Apartment Valuers Melbourne

Apartments in Melbourne

FVG Property is of the view that the current apartment market has witnessed a sustained growth phase since 2008/2009 and post global financial crisis. Such growth underpinned by completion of most projects are in today’s changing landscape.

FVG property are at the forefront of guiding you through the changes in the Melbourne apartment market and ensuring you are at the forefront of market data, analysis and advice.

Thinking of acquisition or disposal, contact us first for a free consultation.

Apartment Valuations

Apartment Valuations provide our clients with up to date market intelligence and importantly, up to date current market value levels. Not only do we offer services that our competitors don’t, we can also provide profiling of market and submarkets, rental trends and forecasts and investment profiling. Apartment Valuations in Melbourne have a broad range of price trends, price points and supply/demand levels. Apartment Valuations will source and provide these answers.

Our teams are available across Melbourne. We have identified the inner Melbourne Apartment Market within the following main precincts:

  • University
  • St. Kilda
  • Central Business District
  • Docklands
  • Southbank
  • Port Melbourne
  • St. Kilda Road
  • South Yarra
  • Toorak
  • Bayside Melbourne

Over the years, Apartment Valuations has compiled market intelligence to meet any requirement as to advisory or valuation in these areas and beyond. Come to FVG Property for expert and qualified apartment agents in Melbourne.