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Will Technology Ever Make Tenant Representation Obsolete?

Tenant Representative Services

Will Technology Ever Make Tenant Representation Obsolete?

This question is being asked by a number of Lessees in the current real estate market and one question that seriously needs a discussion before time and money spent becomes a waste of those resources.

To answer this question, one needs to sufficiently define what a Tenant Representative does or more so, what Tenant Representative Services allow.

Simply, a Tenant Representative is an advocate and/or consultant of whom is working for and on behalf of the Lessee exclusively.


Tips from a Valuer in Rental Determinations

Tips from a Valuer in Rental Determinations

The following discussion provides the main areas of a rent review process:

As a Commercial Property Valuer of some twenty-five (25) years plus, more particularly, a Specialist Retail Valuer, the Commercial Property Determination process, depending of where the parties involved are in relation to experience, can be very daunting. The role and process may be considered as a snapshot as to the main points to consider:

Value of Real Estate Property in 1907 and 2018 – Where is the Comparison?

As one of Melbourne’s leading property valuers, all I can say is, if I had a dollar for every time a consumer asks me this question, I would probably have retired already.

Can you provide me with a valuation – you know I don’t need a report, just an opinion of value, an appraisal, or estimate of value.

The Australian Property Institute (API) has recently reported that the marketplace in general substituted the word “valuation” with other alternative means of appraisal, sale price, estimate, assessment, selling range, opinion.