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Real estate industry services include real estate property valuations, purchasing and / or selling of a property (by auction or private treaty), renting or managing real estate property. The property may be residential, commercial, industrial, retail, etc. There are certain factors that need to be considered during any procedure regarding the property.

Dealing with a property matter is many times complicated and confusing, since people do not know much of the in and outs of the industry, and hardly trust any agency for the property work get done. Here comes the need for a reliable and experienced real estate property service provider and FVG Property could be the best answer you get!

FVG Property is a leading property valuations and consulting firm in Melbourne. We are the best within the Melbourne Metropolitan Region market and provide major services in property valuations, vendor’s advocacy, and buyer’s advocacy. Most of our services are for mortgage purposes till now and we have acquired excellent reputation in the industry over the years.

Property valuation is an extremely important procedure and needs an expert to be appointed for. Our MD, Mark Ruttner, strongly recommends having an expert property valuer with you while carrying out the valuation. He is a well known and leading property valuer all over Melbourne. He has a team of experienced and qualified valuers who are there to assist you right from the beginning of valuation process. May it be a residential or non-residential property, we provide services in each area that you need our assistance in.

Purchasing a residential or non-residential property, or setting it up for sale is quite a difficult task with uncertainty of the desired results. However, FVG Property has some of the best buyers advocates Melbourne and vendor advocates Melbourne to help you accomplish the selling or buying process successfully.

Buyers advocates assist you right from the understanding your property requirements, selecting the property for you, and stand besides you till you finally acquire the property. On the other hand, a vendors advocate assists you right from the beginning of the selling process and stand besides you till you achieve the sell with best possible price on the property.

So, look no further now for your property related solution! We are here to provide you with the best of them!

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