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Real estate may be considered as an evolving market, a market not dissimilar to that of the stock market. An ever changing market that is constantly affected by traditional and non traditional market forces. With today’s technology, not only must you have the implicit data, but importantly you must be able to analyse, dissect, formulate and arrive at a value that will encompass all market forces. In saying this, it is not enough just to collate data and hopefully be near where the value is, you need experienced professionals, not only in the sense of longevity of varying market cycles, but in being able to fully summarise and arrive at value taking all factors into account.

FVG Property, led by its Managing Director, Mark Ruttner and experienced team provide our clients with a depth of real value to interpretation, analysis and summation of value from all sides of the methodology. It is not enough today, just to be cognisant with data, you also have to be well versed with what is actually happening in the market place.

Our business plan allows us to be the professional without compromise, giving our clients the comfort that the years of experience enables First Valuation Group to be at the forefront of property valuation in Melbourne, Victoria. After all, we have been actively valuing property & providing consulting services for a variety of purposes, with the majority of assignments having been for mortgage purposes for the last twenty years or so.

We are challenged every day in the market place by computerised makeshift programs and those in the profession that have not witnessed declining markets, but due to our longevity we are able to report to our clients in a manner that takes all factors into account.

Above all, FVG Property is committed to providing property valuation service without compromise and being at the forefront of the profession as it meets the substantial challenges of the market at any given time, inclusive of the global financial crisis, post sub prime crisis and beyond.

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