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FVG continues to be at the forefront of providing a complete advice service for the Melbourne medical property market. The last 12 months in particular has seen the introduction of value added services that provide customised solutions for client’s individual circumstances. Our team of highly experienced property consultants and certified practicing valuers share the vision to set a new benchmark in the property services available to the medical market.

Clients from the medical industry are referred to FVG for a broad range of property services and due to our expertise, knowledge and professional friendly approach we keep these clients for life. Here are just a few examples of the services we offer our clients in the medical industry:

  • Improving the Occupier’s (lessee) Covenant with their Landlord. The current tenants had a “profit rental” in light of current market evidence availing. Using our experience and specialisation in the medical field, on a number of occasions we have mounted supportable and analytical due diligence reports to enable a rental restructure inclusive of rental adjustment.
  • Delivering Comprehensive Rent Review Strategies Accompanied by analytical sum supportable evidence this service enables the lessee and landlord to establish, amend or finalise a strategy that fulfils the requirements of both parties. The FVG team are particularly committed to enhance uplifts in value through incremental increases in base rentals.
  • Delivering Existing Strategies for General Practice Participants Inclusive of sale strategies and value based transfer of freehold interest.
  • Providing Strategic Advice and Integrated Marketing Strategies This is often inclusive of outlining the most likely exit strategy. FVG’s medical property specialists have over the last five years accumulated a comprehensive database that includes both sales and rental data. This valuable resource enables FVG to accommodate a variety of professionals in the medical arena, inclusive of general practice, specialised areas, dentists, physiotherapists, chiropractors and other allied services; ensuring they all receive the best tailored medical advice.
  • Collaborating in the Construction of General Practices The FVG team only recently lent their expertise to the building of two new practices in the south east suburbs. Our involvement sanctioned an independent and full due diligence package coupled with advisory and property skills of acquisition.
  • Land Acquisition and Leasing Sourcing land after complete feasibility studies assist in “as is” and “current market rental” and “current market value” upon completion. FVG property specialists and valuers recently completed this service for a couple of clients and were then invited to assist in the leasing of part of each of the premises. This process is unique and FVG is the only property entity in Melbourne that provides this full suite of property services for the medical industry.
  • Leaseback Related Services and Self Managed Superannuation Funds (SMSF). Many people are looking at the benefits of SMSFs, in particular general practitioners considering retiring in the not too distant future. FVG specialises in providing legal documentation and advice relating to a wide scope of circumstances including ‘current market rental’ for leaseback purposes and/or for partial sale of the practice and also ‘current market value’ for transfer and/or stamp duty purposes. FVG advocates medical property investment as a valuable long term income stream; the ageing ‘baby boomer’ generation driving investment rather than other property investment segments dependent on current economic climates.

FVG’s medical property team are passionate about servicing a largely untapped market. Previously our extensive network and database concentrated on valuation services to the industry; however in 2014 we aim to be premier property consultants for the industry in both sales and leasing. Our foundation is strong and our ability to exhibit our expertise and specialised tailored services when it matters most will prove to be extremely valuable to a broad spectrum of clients. To take advantage of our services please contact the FVG team when you can also organise a complimentary appraisal for your property.

For a no obligation discussion, please contact Mark Ruttner – 0411 419 674 or 03 9690 1112.