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Vendor Advocacy to Help You Sell Your Property

Do you want to sell your property but don’t have the time or confidence to manage the selling process yourself? Do you want to develop a strategy to get the best sale price for your property? FVG Property has every solution for selling your property at the best price!

We have some of the best vendor advocates Melbourne who are here to assist and guide you all through the sale process of your home.

Property Valuation FAQs

  • What is an independent property valuation?

A valuer assesses the value of land, buildings, improvements and other factors that influence the value of your property, a process that usually involves an external and internal inspection of the property. Valuers are independent with no vested interest in the property they value. A valuation report is a legal document of the value of your property prepared for many different purposes:

It’s not just about the Information, It’s how you use and Interpret that Information to Make a Great Real Estate Transaction.

I find it harder and harder to believe what I read in the Melbourne associated press, regarding what is happening within the current residential real estate market.

There seems to be over the last 4-6 weeks an upward dialogue to talk to the market up, to as usual create this market sense of a “boom” market, get in or you are going to miss out. ‘First home buyers’ can’t buy property because the investor market is buying anything and everything available, “the apartment market is booming”, get in as prices are moving in an upward trend.