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A Property Valuation is an Important Component of a Real Estate Transaction

The question is always asked: why would you waste your money getting a property valuation? There is no need, it’s not worth the paper it is written on.

The truth is, as a leading provider of property valuations within Melbourne, if you don’t get a property valuation, your transaction may fall below expectations desired results to not achieving all your KPI’s and if not your own, your lender’s KPI’S.

Buying Your Medical Property Practice?

Over the last six months, we have received many enquiries from principles of general practices as to the question of owning your own medical property practice.

FVG Property Consultants and Valuers, as the premier experts in medical property valuations Melbourne, hereby provide some relevant points to consider when entertaining this thought. Ownership Vs leasing of your medical property practice?

What Can I Expect in a Property Valuation Report?

FVG Property Consultants and Valuers were incorporated originally as a pure property valuation entity. That is, providing property valuation services. Before explaining what you can expect in a property valuation…what is a valuation? There will be many differing definitions and discussions, and from many and varied sources of expertise. Simply, in Australia, there is only one professional that provides legal property valuations and hence, property valuation services or occupation, that being a Certified Practising Valuer.

Real Estate Valuers to Help You Make Informed Decisions on Property Transactions

It doesn’t matter if you are looking at either the Residential or Commercial real estate market, or a $20m acquisition or a $500,000 apartment or you are buying or selling, or leasing or wanting develop, there is only one professional that affords you comfort within your decision making process. That being a Real Estate Valuer, more particularly a Certified Practicing Valuer, with FVG Property.